• Romocean is in the way to achieve an efficient and advanced management model. To get to this goal, the most modern concepts will be continuously uploaded into our system that allow us to be at the forefront of the logistics sector.
• Romocean considers necessary to base all its decisions on objective data. Therefore, the analysis of the available information on the performance of the organization will always be used as a decision tool for the achievement of goals and objectives.
• Romocean is postulated as a company focused entirely on the client. Therefore, the entire organization will adopt this concept as a maxim when it comes to generating and improving internal structures.
• Romocean considers transparency as one of the fundamental principles of its relationship with all stakeholders. Therefore, these policies, as well as the company’s codes of conduct, will be available to those interested parties who may consider pertinent to know them.
• Romocean takes risk-based thinking as part of the main approaches to its management principles. Therefore, a culture of continuous detection, at all levels of the organization, of risks and opportunities for the business will be promoted, so that management can counteract the former and take advantage of the latter at the right time to facilitate the achievement of the expected results.
• Romocean sees its quality management system as an important source of competitive advantage. Therefore, the C-Level will support all personnel with responsibilities in the system, so that they have the necessary means and the appropriate communication channels to keep the executives permanently informed about the achievement of the objectives of the system.
• Romocean is committed to the continuous improvement of its processes as a mean of achieving its goals. Therefore, a culture of participation and feedback from all processes will be promoted to take actions that involve constant progress in their efficiency.


• Romocean is committed to the efficient use of new technologies, as an ideal support for management. Therefore, it will promote the use and learning of software and computers at all levels of the organization.
• Romocean is committed to innovation as an element to generate differentiation and competitive advantages. Therefore, the generation of new ideas and new concepts will be promoted in all staff for all activities, especially those aimed directly at the customer, as well as the permanent search for new services.


• Romocean believes that customer loyalty is an essential aspect for the future of the business, according to the model adopted. Therefore, a long-term relationship with customers must always be fostered, through proactive decisions and actions throughout the commercial activity.
• Romocean has as a fundamental distinctive element the care of customer experience, in all its services. Specific guidelines will therefore be applied and ongoing training will be promoted to encourage continuous improvement in this realm.
• Romocean considers that any information about the market situation and the environment is positive for the improvement of its own solutions. Therefore, all the staff should always be alert and aware to any information they may obtain, either in the form of new customer concerns or actions or situation of the competition.
• Romocean also believes that the impact of its activity on other interested parties should be positive for the entire company environment. Therefore, a permanent review and consideration of all the requirements that they propose will be maintained and the best way to comply with them will be sought, at all times.


• Romocean values its staff as a key asset of the company. Therefore, a relationship of attention and care with the staff will always be maintained, instilling in it the values of the family spirit that encourages the company.
• Romocean believes that only from co-responsibility can the relationship with workers be understood. Therefore, it will take initiatives in favor of their satisfaction, professional development and motivation with the project while waiting for an adequate level of response from the workers as a feedback.
• Romocean believes that job stability is an essential starting point to establish this type of relationship.
• Romocean considers that only worth and merit are factors to consider for promotion within the company.
• Romocean is committed to a philosophy of rigor, self-criticism and proactivity at work. These aspects of daily performance will be promoted and rewarded especially as a core value of the corporate culture.
• Romocean is committed to the continuous development of the capability and personality of all the members of its team. Therefore, a culture of participation and feedback from all processes will be promoted to take measures that involve constant progress in their efficiency.
• Romocean is committed to the explicitness and sharing of knowledge among all the members of the company as a way of mutual development. Therefore, the participation of all the staff will be promoted in the development of new procedures, in the analysis of detected incidents and will work, on an ongoing basis, with teams composed of staff from various roles to promote the transfer of knowledge between them.
• Romocean is committed to the promotion of its employees as a means of boosting jobs and promoting their active participation. For this, the principle of merit and capacity rules, according to the assessment of the management of the company and the job to be filled.
• Romocean is committed to the multifunctionality of jobs, in order to ensure the continuity of activities. Therefore, all jobs will be assigned main functions and secondary functions that ensure the efficient and continuous performance of all tasks.


• Romocean is committed to measuring work efficiency to support the continuous improvement of production processes. For this, measurement and evaluation means will be established, with the participation of the entire team.
• Romocean, in the same vein, considers key to promote a culture of data recording as a way to make easy the exchange of information, the productive management of the organization’s knowledge and the improvement of all its processes. Therefore, the most appropriate information management tools will be provided in each case and the necessary training to use and manage them.
• Romocean considers key to completely plan the works as a way to ensure their efficiency. Therefore, the use of planning tools and methodologies will be promoted at all levels.
• Romocean adopts an express commitment to the quality of its service. Therefore, a rigorous control of compliance with the own standard and the requirements established by the customer will be maintained.
• Romocean also considers the satisfaction of its customers as a fundamental guide in the performance of both the commercial activity and in the provision of all its services. Therefore, a permanent attention must be kept to know perfectly both the requirements of the customers and their concerns and impressions regarding the service provided.
• Romocean considers teamwork as a fundamental formula for the development of all its activities. Therefore, attitudes of cooperation, collaboration, support, respect, knowledge sharing, etc. will be promoted.

Signed Carlos Suria